Where Can I Adopt a Dog?

Every year, animal shelters destroy 6-8 millions of dogs including purebreds and puppies and cats. PLEASE adopt a companion animal from your local shelter, humane society, rescue organization, or veterinarian. In addition, many pet supply stores, such as PetSmartĀ® or PETCO sponsor adoption days. You can also find animals to adopt at www.petfinder.com, www.pet-ark.com, www.adoptapet.com and www.pets911.com.

Tips for Adoption

* Never buy a puppy online or in a pet store or multiple breeding kennel, like Dan's or Steve's Wonderful World of Pets.
* Adopt your next dog or puppy from a shelter or rescue group.
* Have your dog spayed or neutered.
* Support stronger dog breeder laws.
* Stage your own pet store protest.