Charlie's Second Chance - Installment #2

Posted on November 20th, 2010 in the Buffalo News by Deidre Williams

EDITOR'S NOTE: This "Pet Tales" installment is the second in an occasional series documenting the life of Charlie -- a bichon frise rescued from a puppy mill and brought to Western New York.

Charlie had his first professional grooming session recently, and the puffy bouffant the bichon frise breed is known for is starting to grow in.

He has to look his best. After all, he is the spokesdog for a new organization his foster family started last fall called NYS Citizens Against Puppy Mills.

In between photo shoots with his adoring fans, Charlie -- himself a rescue from a Missouri breeder -- has been undergoing a socialization process with the Alden foster family he moved in with last November.

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Charlie's Second Chance

Posted on November 11th, 2010 in the Buffalo News by Deidre Williams

His bark sounds more like a muffled yelp, the likely result of a metal tube stuck down his throat to lacerate his larynx so he wouldn't make noise.

Most of the fur on his tiny 8-pound frame is pure white, the way nature intended. But when you check out his little paws -- the fur is brown and discolored from standing in urine and waste for prolonged periods.

He shivers and shakes even when he's wrapped up in his cozy little blanket, probably from fear and confusion. After all, this is the first time that Charlie, a 5-year-old bichon frise, has been away from home, which was a small wire cage at a Missouri puppy mill with 1,000 other canines. Even then, he was rarely, if ever, allowed out to socialize -- only to breed.

The good news is he's never going back.

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Dr. Kevin Bannister of Bennington Veterinary Clinic holds the scared little Bichon after doing Charlie's FIRST EVER medical exam.