Additional Animal Welfare Organizations

Companion Animal Protection Society - - The only non-profit dedicated exclusively since 1992 to ending the abuse of puppies & dogs in pet stores & puppy mills.

The Humane Society of the United States - - Dedicated to the welfare and well being of all animals, this stellar organization is focused on ending the torturous conditions in puppy mills and worked tirelessly to pass Prop B in Missouri in November, 2010; a landmark decision that will improve conditions for breeding dogs in puppy mills.

The ASPCA - - In addition to their nationwide investigations, the ASPCA supports landmark legislation, including drastically improving the lives of dogs in Missouri kennels who has over 3,000 puppy mills in the state. Missouri has rightly come to be known as the Puppy Mill Capital of America.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary - - Founded 25 years ago by a group of close friends, Best Friends is the most beloved animal sanctuary in the world. They work tirelessly in their efforts to bring about a world of no more homeless pets and are have a wonderful anti-puppy mill campaign called "Pets Aren't Products".

Main Line Animal Rescue - - A compassionate organization that works to raise public awareness of the plight of homeless companion animals. Placement of rescued, abandoned and abused animals is their main focus.

A Rare Breed of Love - - Inspired by her beloved dog Baby, a puppy mill survivor, Jana Kohl has made it her life's mission to raise awareness about the cruelty of the dog breeding business through her public appearances, best selling book and website.

Prisoners of Greed - - Excellent site for learning everything one needs to know about puppy mills all over the country.

Petfinder - - Founded by a young couple searching for a way to help connect people with homeless pets. Now 13 years later, they have saved countless lives by finding adoptable homes for shelter and rescued pets all over the country. *Find your next best friend on this very reputable site.* (rescues are listed by BREED from all over the country) !

The Animal Rescue Site - - A proud partner of, this charitable organization was launched in 2002 to help shelters & sanctuaries all over the country. With one 'mouse click' each day, you can help feed millions of animals in need and it's FREE!